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    Oyster farm

    The Tarbouriech oyster farm, where the oyster-culture structures, fitted with solar panels and the growing cycle of the “Huîtres Spéciales Tarbouriech” can all be discovered on a “solar barge ».

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    Le MadLab

    The MadLab, a space for multidisciplinary experimentation and collaboration on the edge of the lagoon, where talents from varied universes will create, in situ, and run themed workshops for Domaine Tarbouriech customers, children and adults alike, from Autumn 2018.


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    Le St Barth'

    Le St Barth’, the renovated oyster farmer’s house (locally known as a “mas” instead of “maison”) on the edge of the Thau Lagoon, where the Tarbouriech “sea harvests” can be tasted;

From an immersion in the oyster world to a moment of escape

With our guides, learn about oyster farming through workshops or excursions. To you the richness of our protected environment, dive into the heart of our passion. Thanks to Oysterology, oysters will soon have no secrets for you.

And if you let your creativity run wild: draw with an artist, hear a lecture, discover the region with a historian, swim among seahorses, cross the lagoon by boat or paddle, read in the local plants with a botanist, finally write your novel…

At the domain


Walk to the end of the world

The coastal paths are our best kept secrets, go explore them on foot or by bike.

Starting from the Domaine, in complete immersion between vineyards and lagoon, this 30 min walk will take you to an endless pontoon stretched between sea and sky, a Robinson hut and a wild beach where a terrace has been put…

You will then discover our tasting counter, Le St Barth’, a world’s end, a paradise, and our family’s cradle.


Introduction to Original Ayurveda

On the program, wellness sessions  » Kripalu Yoga, The Yoga of Grace  » You will also discover the « Nagas Bhyanga » massages, and Ayurvedic food workshops including the production of Ayurvedic butter, ghee.

Find all the activities in the offers section.

Picnic / Oysters

Fancy a picnic with your lover or with your family? Pick the basket of your choice composed of products from our Domaine, a nice tablecloth, a bottle from our vintage, and escape along the coastal paths during a unique gourmet break.


Apprentice gardener / harvesting

Meet Noé, our gardener, who will share his passion with you along an aromatic path between medicinal plants, forgotten species or vegetation with the sweet scent of the Mediterranean.

He will reveal all the secrets of our biodynamic vegetable garden and you will be able to make your own detox juice…


A real living showroom where you can discover the creations (clothes, accessories and decorative objects) of local manufacturers. So you can leave with a wonderful souvenir during your stay at the Domaine….


At the Mas


Apprentice oyster farmer

Become an oyster farmer for a moment.

Join our oyster farm to create your own oyster farming rope by participating to our collage workshop… and come back to taste them in 3 years.

Tarbouriech adventure

On board one of our work boats, discover these innovative tables which are the heart of « La Marée Solaire », the patented breeding method that makes Tarbouriech oysters so special. From June to September you have the possibility to privatize one of the boats all year round on reservation.



Learn how to taste oysters as a great vintage.

This convivial and participative workshop will allow you to discover this shellfish’s history, oyster farming methods around the world, but also the diversity of consumption patterns from the dawn of time until the present day.



Little harbor sheltered at the edge of the lagoon of Thau,

Marseillan keeps the memory of the ancient civilizations that have tasted the Mediterranean sweetness. The dimensions of houses made of black lava, testify to a discreet opulence. Porte du Canal du Midi, Marseillan assumes its commercial and marine agricultural origins. Let yourself go lazing for a drink or stroll along narrow streets to the tip of the Onglous.


Visit the company, invent your own exclusive cocktail or taste the James Bond cocktail made with their famous vermouth.

In the historic cellars of a modern and innovative house, rediscover the dream of Joseph Noilly and Claudius Prat, recreating the taste of the wine transported was on the deck of the ships. Then enjoy a moment of idleness on the docks.


Follow in the footsteps of the travellers who linked ancient Rome to Spain.

Enjoy the unalterable light of the Mediterranean, watch the sun play with the foliage of the vines. Capture the brilliance of a reflection on the blue of the lagoon. A peaceful walk to bathe in the sweetness of life between vineyards and lagoon.


« The singular island » is the deserved nickname of this small port city.

Dominated by the clear Mont Saint and irrigated by the canals, which everywhere bring a marine charm to modest or bourgeois houses, Sète is nothing but surprise and wonder. Solid traditions, an astonishing and true gastronomy. Let yourself be seduced!


Located about fifteen kilometres from Domaine Tarbouriech, Pézenas is one of the most beautiful cities in France.

Former capital of the Languedoc region in the 12th century, it has more than 30 buildings classified as « Historic Monuments », which testify to the richness of a flourishing past, in terms of art, crafts and trade.

Come and discover its culinary specialities such as the famous pâtés or berlingots de Pézenas.


Built in concentric waves around its 13th century university, the 8th largest city in France is a concentration of energy.

A veritable melting pot of influences from styles and lifestyles, Montpellier is constantly vibrating, art, culture, sport and shopping will enchant you.

And if you dream of a romantic moment in the medieval courtyard of a private mansion or, on the contrary, a clubbing atmosphere, you will be spoilt for choice.


Become a one-day historian.

In this 12th century Cistercian abbey, hunt down Florentine, Occitan, Burgundian influences and imagine the history of this place still full of mysteries. The cathedral of the vines will seduce you… as much as its ageing cellar or its grape variety conservatory.


In search of a festive moment, at the crossroads of fresh and salt water, you will find Le Cap d’Agde.

« Cape Town » lives day and night and combines the Mediterranean way of life with a lively atmosphere to entertain you.

Sports family or night bird, you will find your peers there.

Vue de la digue Richelieu et du port au Cap d'Agde, avec le fort Brescou au fond